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What are Clutch Handbags?


Imagine a sexy black dress with an oversized handbag across your shoulder,yikes! A recipe for disaster, fashion mongers would say. It’s a good thing someone designed the clutch purse, which is just enough to hold your lipstick, phone and a few other essentials for an evening out.

What is a Clutch?

The typical clutch is a rectangular purse without any handles or straps. The clutch purse of today comes in a range of sizes, colors, and textures. Some of them may sport small wrist straps for added convenience.

Jessica McClintock Metal Fringe Clutch

The younger generation of designers have brought a dizzying array of shapes and styles to the clutch purses we see today: triangles, ovals, round, square boxes, or heart-shapes, decorated with beads, satin, silk, brocade, sequins, rhinestones, fine leather, or crystals.

Some of the most popular designers that come to the fore with the topic of clutches are Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Oscar de la Renta.

Charlize Theron, Kimberly Caldwell and Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen flaunting their clutches at the most happening events of the year, which proves again that you just cannot go wrong with a bedazzling clutch to wow your onlookers.

What are Tote Bags?

Rihanna carrying a Tote handbag

From the jet set to iconic celebrities, tote handbags are truly versatile in terms of the women they cater to and work for. They work best when you need a bunch of stuff accessible to you no matter whether you are at the beach, have a flight to catch, or simply don’t have the time to sort things into a smaller bag.

Tote Handbag, by Bebe

What is a Tote handbag?

A tote bag is large and open (smaller versions became more popular by the late nineties), with a handle centered on each side. In the classic cloth version, arched straps form both handles. Strap ends run down both sides, ending under the second fabric layer, which shields the lower surfaces. Since the advent of cell phones and PDAs, the side-pouch and zipper-topped partition have grown common.

What materials come in a Tote?

The most common materials used for these type of bags is heavy canvas, jute and the evergreen leather with each fabric giving the bag a look of its own. You can also find bags with different surface effects like the crushed paper effect or the pebbled surface effect that is eye-catcher. The smooth bags with no surface effects are often given amazing embellishments to accentuate them. Available in a variety of tints and shades, you can’t go wrong with one of these picks.

Who carries one?

Rihanna carrying a Tote handbag

Pop icon Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, Katie Holmes and Blake Lively have been seen sporting lush totes from brands like Louis Vuitton, Tod and Chanel.

What are Hobo Handbags?

Ever wondered what a “Hobo” handbag is? These types of handbags are usually crescent shaped, similar to a cloth bundle that used to be tied to a stick by “hobos” or migrant workers when they traveled. They are also usually very soft to the point of being slouchy.

These bags seem to have made it on the favorite list of quite a few celebrities. Joss Stone, Sienna Miller and Jessica Simpson (who also has the Hobo style as part of her collection) are a few popular celebrities who have been seen wearing the hobo handbag around town. The trendy and functional factor is one of the major plus points of this design.

Imoshion Catalonia Hobo

The hobo bag is known to be so roomy that no matter how much you stuff in, it does not give a sloppy or bulky look. The typical hobo is big in size but they are available in smaller sizes too. Style yourself up with the right outfit and accessories and you’ll be making fashion statements enough to turn heads.

A few more designers who have some exquisite hobo styles:

Do you own a Hobo handbag? Share with us what’s your favorite part about it and why you bought the one you have!

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